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Here are some of my favorites....all are available for sale; just contact me for sizes and median.

2010 1st Place Domestic Animals Midlothian Expo"Cold and Curious"

2010 3rd Place Sports Midlothian Photo Expo "Dirty Triathlete"

2010 Honorable Mention Structures Midlothian Expo "Snowy Tarrant Train Trestle"

2011 2nd Place Still Life Midlothian Expo "Cool and Refreshing"

2015 Honorable Mention CloseUps Heard Contest "On the Forest Floor"

2015 Mansfield News Mirror Winner Sky A-Blaze

A Dragonfly's Best Bud

African Solitude

Bees on Flower

Botswana's Lilac-Breasted Roller

Caesar, the Cornish Rex

Canadian Rockies Reflection

Chihuly Blue Reeds and a Dragonfly, Too!

Chihuly Carnival Boat

Chihuly Chaos

Chihuly Marbles

Chihuly Night Dance

Crooked Road to the World

Curious Hyena Pup

Delicious Hot Chocolate